A percentage of every dollar we invoice goes into our legacy fund. We want to leave the world a better place, we want to provide others with opportunity, and we want to give a chance to individuals from marginalised or vulnerable communities to be the best they can, without impediment or judgement. We want to challenge the industry norms, and change the way our marketing, brand and communications world looks at others.

We dont just pay lip service to leaving the world a better place - we are doing something about it. We know so many people miss out on jobs, opportunities and betterment because of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, faith or difference.  We're diving in the deep end to support, educate and contribute to a better world. 


The Fearless Legacy fund is about providing support for charity, for disaster, for opportunity. Our leadership team meets quarterly to decide how we contribute to make a person or a situation better. We draw on our Fearless Legacy fund to act rather than talk. Our team contributes opportunities and we work out how to support them.


For a bunch of reasons, not everyone has the same opportunity to excel. Our Fearless Legacy fund will offer our team and others a chance to get a qualification, to better themselves, to augment their education so they can grow and evolve their career. It might be a short course, it might be supporting a masters degree. It is making someone’s life very different who wouldn’t normally have the chance.


We know how hard it is when you are different. We know what it is like to experience discrimination of any kind. Our Fearless Legacy fund is designed to provide support to vulnerable or marginalised members of our team. They may need support to get a new computer, have access to funds for a car or clothing, or they need counselling to be their best.