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Is it time to take a break?

There isn’t a soul in any business sector who isn’t scared as this Delta variant of COVID

spreads its virulent little wings and invades previously safe places. New Zealand has entered a lockdown, the ACT, NT and other areas of Australia who have largely gone unscathed are pivoting in response to new infections.

Delta is taking a toll.

How can small business owners and operators keep going, keep trying to pivot, open doors and close them again two weeks later, buy stock they can’t sell. Is it time to take a break, close the doors, take the pressure off and just be. Easier said than done.

Each state and territory government is supporting businesses with various packages to assist with things like rent or stock. There are a great many possibilities, and you can find a list here:

How do they help? In many cases, they will be a Band-Aid on the gaping wound small

business is trying to manage. But perhaps they can allow you to take a break. Not a holiday but a break from trying to manage how overwhelming this all is.

You are only as strong as the weakest link in your chain, and it is possible that link is you. It is likely you are trying so hard to be strong for your team, your partner or family, your

household, your suppliers, your customers, your clients, you have forgotten about you.

Don’t be frightened to take a day, a couple of days even, to reset, to give yourself a little

respite from the day-to-day grind. Reconnect with those who are important to you, take

yourself offline for a few days to give you some clarity. We are all, every one of us, completely overwhelmed by a 24-hour non-stop news cycle. Taking a little time for you is

not negative nor is it weakness. It is admitting you are a little vulnerable and remember, you are human.

Ask for help to apply for grants. Read a book. Discover some new music. Spend time just

being quiet. Talk to your partner, your family, your kids, your neighbour over the fence.

Walking costs nothing but is great for reflection. Dance in your loungeroom.

We are going to learn to live with this at some point. We will be appropriately vaccinated,

life will take on a new normal, business confidence will return. Until then, we have to equip ourselves with coping mechanisms.

Ask yourself the question – will the world completely turn upside down if you take a

moment for yourself? If it won’t, then do yourself a favour. Give yourself a break.

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